Doctoral course descriptions

Regular courses in the Doctoral program, each of 06 credits – according to curricular structure
Jointly with Master program:

MTM410018 Advanced Calculus

MTM410029 Functional Analysis

MTM410019 Linear Algebra
MTM410024 Computational Linear Algebra
MTM410028 Numerical Analysis I
MTM410027 Measure and Integration
MTM410026 Topology
MTM410057 Dynamical Systems
MTM410071 Finite Groups and their Representations
MTM410073 Mathematical Methods for Statistics

Doctoral program courses:

MTM510011 Operator Algebras
MTM510009 Differentiable Manifolds
MTM510008 Algebraic Topology
MTM510014 Introduction to Hopf Algebras
MTM510015 Theory of Non-Commutative Rings
MTM510005 Corings and Comodules
MTM510012 Distribution Theory and Sobolev spaces
MTM510007 Probability and Markov Processes
MTM510016 Ergodic and Information Theory
MTM510006 Symbolic Dynamics
MTM510013 Numerical Analysis II
MTM510010 Convex Analysis
MTM510050 Fibers in Differentiable Manifolds
MTM510034 Commutative Algebra
MTM510020 Introduction to Regularization Theory
MTM510040 Introduction to Category Theory
MTM510049 Mathematical Modeling Biomathematics

MTM510001 C*-Algebras
MTM510051 Von Neumann Algebras
MTM510037 C*- Dynamical Systems and Crossed Products
MTM510032 Hilbert Modules and Fell bundles

MTM510017 K-Theory for C* -Algebras
MTM510052 Advanced Module theory
MTM510018 Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
MTM510033 Partial Differential Equations
MTM510053 Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of Navier-Stokes Equation
MTM510013 Theory of Semigroups and Applications in PDE
MTM510026 Infinite-Dimensional Attractors
MTM510025 Computational Linear Algebra II
MTM510027 Spectral Methods
MTM510019 Computational Methods in Optimization
MTM510022 Introduction to Continuous Optimization
MTM410057 Applied Functional Analysis
MTM510054 Riemannian Geometry
MTM510055 Iterative Methods for Inverse Problems
MTM 510059 Non-Linear Analysis Methods
MTM510056 Elements of Spectral Theory
MTM510057 Introduction to Group Cohomology
MTM510056 Groupoids, Inverse Semigroups and their C*-algebras
MTM510044 Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Methods for Problems of Multiphase Flows in Porous Media
Specialized topics